Climbing Croagh Patrick

By far the most outstanding feature of the village of Murrisk is the mountain, Croagh Patrick, which reaches to a height of 765 metres above sea level.

The majority of visitors to the village come to climb the mountain for a variety of reasons; some are on a religious pilgrimage, while others do so for the pleasure of mountain walking and/or to view the spectacular scenery.


  • Check the latest local weather forecast and think about how it will affect your climb
  • Wear appropriate clothing, sturdy shoes/boots and be aware that the ground is rough, loose and challenging in places
  • Bring water and food
  • Take your mobile phone
  • Allow 4 – 5 hours to walk from base to summit and back to base

Changeable Weather

Visitors who set out to climb to the summit are reminded to be prepared for changeable weather and to remember that it may become progressively colder, wetter and windier as you ascend.

Reek Sunday

The annual National Pilgrimage takes place here on the last Sunday in July each year,
this day being known locally as "Reek Sunday".