MURRISK PIER in the Forties

TOWAGE of fishing vessels

‘WHITE HEATHER’ steaming to the fishing grounds

‘ST. IRENE’ 1952 crew members - James Grady - Pakie Groden - Austin Gavin - John Gavin

HANLONS fish market

DOCKET from the ‘Naomh Simon’

Paddy Groden : Austie Groden : Tommie Groden Paddy Groden : Tommie Joe Groden : Paddy Joe Groden Pakie Groden : Pat Grady : ML Gavin

‘MURRISK LASS’ entering port - crew members - Johnny Grady - Austie Grady - Pat Grady - ML Gavin - John Groden


It was traditional for fishermen to tip their cap passing Cahair Island on their way to the Aran fishing grounds.

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Murrisk Fishermans Museum is located in Murrisk Cafe at the base of Croagh Patrick